Our CNC Shop is staffed with dedicated employees who are factory trained utilizing state of the art CNC machining equipment and the latest tool technology to ensure our process is accurate and efficient at all times. With this we can perform highly complex machining functions such as drilling, threading, tapping, milling, turning, beveling, boring and much more.

At Precision Flange & Machine our goal is to provide you with a high quality part, on time, at a reasonable cost.

Precision Flange & Machine continues to update our machining capabilities through acquisition of CNC equipment. The latest being a Mazak Megaturn 1600M which accommodates workpieces measuring up to 64.96” in diameter, 35.43” high and weighing 11,023 lbs.

All machines are factory maintained by certified personnel and machine operators are trained in the ISO Quality Standards set forth by Precision Flange & Machine.

Machine List

FJV 60/80 II

QTN Lathe

(3) Mazak QTN Lathes

(1) Mazak Slant 50 Lathe

(2) Mazak FJV Vertical Machining Center

(1) Mazak VTC Vertical Machining Center

(2) Mazak Megaturn Nexus 1600M Vertical Turning & Milling Center